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Nurtured Healing and feng shui geomancy consults.

Geomancy consults.

A health check for the home which identifies and clears away geopathic stresses, which are unseen environmental energies that can influence your lives. These discordant earth vibrations can have an impact on the health of an occupant over a period of time.


  •  3 - 3.5 hr audit of the home.
  •  A questionnaire and provision of A4 floor plans prior to consult.
  •  Provision of remedies and space clearing techniques.
  •  A professional A4 report and mapping of geopathic stress found.
  •  Report includes information on geopathic stress on the land and within the home.
  •  A free gift of crystals for a 4 corner house blessing.
  •  Cost: $250 for report and onsite visit. Workplaces will be priced according to size.

Space clearings of homes or business.

A ritual of focus and intention which clears away stagnant energy or imprints left by past occupants that may be holding you back or make you feel stuck in your life. Leaving you with a positive environment that will have a subtle effect in bringing in what you wish for yourself and/or your business.


  •  2.5 – 3hr consult depending on the size of home or workplace.
  •  A Questionnaire to complete prior to consult.
  •  Average price $100/hr

Intuitive/Nurtured healing:

1 1/2 - 2 hrs sessions that may incorporate the following:

  • Intuitve healing with the use of crystals and sound.
  • chakra balancing and reiki.
  • mediumship: communication with your guides or loved ones.
  • Past life regression or past life journey.
  • Channeling prior to session with energetic field assessment.
  • Or a combination of all the above.

Check out my Nurtured healing page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NurturedHealing and other services such as Shaman session, Meet your current guides, and chakra balance session via http://nurturedhealing.wordpress.com

Please contact Terri McGuane on:  0407 507 297 for any enquiries or to make an appointment.

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